The Vision Behind NerdyFoxx

Jul 6, 2022
Origin of NerdyFoxx
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Human curiosity has been rewarded by evolution, driving us to pursue knowledge with a continuous pursuit for advancement. We continually separate the information we acquire throughout the course of our exploration into compartments that are more or less closely connected in order to arrange it.
If our small minds, for some convenience, divide this universe, into parts—physics, biology, geology, astronomy, psychology, and so on— remember that nature does not know it! —Richard Feynman
The educational system has compelled us to specialise in a certain field of expertise because of the enormous amount of knowledge that has been acquired throughout the years. However, the idea of having a global perspective is discounted by the concept that the only way to contribute to society is to possess incredibly in-depth knowledge of a certain topic.
While it's true that diving deep into a subject helps us advance, it's also true that broadening our perspective will help us in our areas of expertise. In order to assist us comprehend the world in which we live, it is crucial that we are able to apply and relate concepts and ideas from various fields.
As a result, in each circumstance or event, we will not only be able to perceive things through our own limited lenses, but also, hopefully, with the benefit of our understanding of the most brilliant scientific theories.
And this pusuit of creating a global vision is the only vision of Nerdyfoxx which you can fully understand by the story of the Origin of NerdyFoxx.

What motivates me to Build NerdyFoxx?

I vividly remember the day, it was the summer of 2015, and I was waiting for the results of my class 10th Boards Exam, you know those days of stress So, to pass the time, I turned on the television and tuned in to my favorite television channel, "History TV 18." There was a documentary film broadcasting called " The Men Who Built America " about the lives of the most influential entrepreneurs of all time, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and Henry Ford, the men who are responsible for bringing industrial revolution in The USA, and I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. That day , I fell in love with two things: entrepreneurship and documentaries, and after seeing "The Men Who Built America," I began watching documentaries about a variety of influential figures such as Mr. Jamsetji Tata, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci and Bill Gates, among others, and my passion for documentaries and entrepreneurship grew throughout the year. One thing I noticed about these powerful people is that they are all "Polymaths," which means they have a wide range of competence in a variety of fields and can use information from those fields to make informed decisions. It sparked my curiosity in how these brilliant minds operate, so I began devouring information in a variety of fields. But I ran into a lot of issues doing so since I had to spend a lot of time looking for information to consume in various apps and I had to use several sources, which was not possible for me. So I went back to the beginning, which was watching documentaries. I began watching documentaries on a wide range of topics, including science and technology, finance, history, Sports, business, marketing and Branding, Politics, Space, and many others, and it has completely transformed my life. I began to see the world in a new light; I am now able to ask better questions, make better judgments, and connect the dots between various regions to realise how the world is beautifully interwoven in many ways. I suddenly felt as if I'd arrived at the pinnacle of enlightenment. I've noticed a significant shift in my personality because I'm now able to communicate more effectively and initiate conversations. I am able to perceive the world in a positive light while also being able to think critically about the challenges that surround it.
These good improvements have led me to believe that there will be many more people like myself who are interested in learning about a variety of topics in order to enhance their lives, and they will be confronted with the same difficulty that I am i.e :
On the existing OTT platform, there is very little or no informative content
Curios people lack a platform to meet their diverse knowledge demands
Existing OTT platforms lack a social aspect
People have to devote a significant amount of time to researching different sources in order to develop knowledge.
To address all of these issues, I decided to create India's First Social OTT Platform, with the primary goal of providing high-quality educational content in the form of documentaries and infotainment shows sprinkled with a dash of entertainment. Apart from that, the platform has a significant social dimension, since one of our goals is to bring like-minded individuals together, and in order to do so, we are developing a variety of features such as a chat room, video call room, WatchParty, Clan Building, P2P random connection, gaming, and more all of which will be integrated into the platform itself.